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Austin Roof Insurance Claims – Free Inspections and Damage Estimates

Whether you have wind damage or hail damage, or both. Austin Roof-Tech is your best advocate for an insurance claim.

Let Us Help You with the Insurance Claim Process

Once you feel there may be condition issues with your roof:

  1. Call Austin Roof-Tech.
  2. We will schedule a free roofing inspection at your convenience.
  3. If we agree that your roofing system has been compromised due to a covered event, you call your homeowners insurance company and file a rain/hail/wind claim and an adjustor will be assigned to you.
  4. When you speak with this adjuster, provide him with Austin Roof-Tech’s phone number and project manager’s name, and have him contact us directly.
  5. We will schedule a time where your assigned insurance adjustor, and one of our Project Managers can meet at your property and assess the damages.
  6. We will assist you in getting full value for the replacement or repair of your roof.
  7. Once we have inspected your property and assessed your roof damage we can help you understand your paperwork and how to move forward.

Austin Roof-Tech is an expert when interacting with insurance companies on your behalf.

We will help you through the process claim process.

Austin Roof-Tech will keep your best interest in mind through the entire process.

Austin Roof-Tech knows that any construction project at your home can be an overwhelming event. We set expectations so that there are no surprises during the roofing process.


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Austin Roof Insurance Claims – Free Inspections and Damage Estimates