Hail Damage to Your Roof

Hail Stones are very destructive. When they fall they usually are not very large, but sometimes their are hail storms that produce golf-ball, or even base-ball, sized hail.

Hail damage to your roof can compromise the integrity of the watertight bond you want from the elements. You may not see a leak immediately, or even for several months, but after a few rainstorms, you might start to see roof leaks. This is because each hail stone that hit’s your roof, can leave tiny depressions in the asphalt shingle or tile, and begin to let little drops of water onto the substructure. This jeopardizes your home and it’s contents.

Call us as soon as you think hail stones have been in your area. We are technical experts at inspecting your roof.

It is estimated that a hailstone of half an inch (.5″) in in diameter falls at a rate of 25 mph, while stones the size of 3.1″ in in diameter fall at a rate of 110 mph. So you can see quickly that as the size of the hail increases, so does it’s speed. This makes hail quite destructive, and very menacing to homeowners.

If you experience a hail storm, even small hail, please call on Austin Roof-Tech to inspect your roofing system for any penetrations or damage.

We are experts, and we will thoroughly inspect the condition of your home’s roof.

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