Austin Roof Leak Instructions

Austin Roof Leak Instructions

If you find your home is leaking water, either during or after a storm.

1. Catch/Drain the Rain

Once you see the leak, you can make sure it doesn’t absorb into your walls or drywall.

Placing a bucket in the attic can collect much of this pesky rain water. If you identify there is a large leak mark on your ceiling, If you can poke a hole with a nail or screw, and let the leak drain into a bucket or a tarp below.

2. Call Austin Roof-Tech

3. We will Tarp the Roof Leak on Your Roof

4. After rain has stopped and area has dried, we will come back out and inspect your roof for water damage and roofing issues.

This is the quickest way to prevent any water damage after heavy rains.

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